About Us.

Our restaurant serves you Authentic Negeri Sembilan food with delightful dining experiences.

Restoran BENOME awakens and rewards all of its guests’ senses with friendly hospitality. It’s both an everyday neighborhood hangout and a food-lover’s destination for special occasions. Where regulars will want to linger all day eating from small or large plates as they make memories over the delightful atmosphere. It is a generous and friendly gathering place for locals and travelers alike. The food menu are broad yet refined in the simplest way that will have something for everyone.

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Freshest Ingredients

Creative Cuisine

Exquisitely Prepared

Thoughfully Served

"The secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside."

- Mark Twain

(Daging Hidupan Liar : Mei hingga September sahaja)

1. Bagi menepati syarat kelulusan Jabatan Perhilitan Selangor, daging hidupan liar (kancil, pelanduk, landak, ayam hutan, dsbnya) dijual dari bulan May hingga September sahaja , tertakluk pada ketersediaan bekalan.
2. Daging rusa ternakan, kecuali jenis rusa sambar, jualan sepanjang tahun InShaaAllah. 

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